Fox  Patti Oslo 🇳🇴
Fox  Patti Oslo 🇳🇴

Fox Patti Oslo 🇳🇴

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The outfit says it all! Fox is ready for sunny adventures. Your baby will enjoy playing with this pure and safe organic toy. They will be best friends!

Exclusively handmade from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Our skilled women artisans with magical hands lovingly make each piece, using traditional techniques. Each item is truly unique and carries the individuality of the artisan who made it. All our toys are safe to use for sensitive skins.

Designed in Norway
Ethically handmade in Türkiye

- 100% Organic cotton
- Hypoallergenic, antibacterial
- Non-toxic dyes: eco-responsible dyes
- Fillings: Recycled Polyester (Global Recycling Standard)
- Size: approximately 25 cm

Conforms to CE standards
Suitable from birth

Cleaning Instructions
Always use mild detergent and cool water.
Spot cleaning or hand wash at 30ºC on a delicate cycle. Gently squeeze and lay flat to dry.